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We try to mold this perfect life

Pushing the clay every which way trying to make it fit

But a section is missing

We search for the perfect love to fill the hole

Getting hopeful every time we talk to someone

Only to be disappointed again and again

Then there’s that one time

Where it feels like the stars are aligned

And you cannot wait for the adventures to come

But they never do

You are forced to face the cold icy touch of love again

The kind of love that is not portrayed in movies

That no one tell you about

The clay slips from your fingers

And plummets to the floor

Just as your heart did

And you question everything

With no hope left

Drying and crumbling apart

Never to be rebuilt

Never to be restored

Never to love

[insert name here]

[Insert name here with descriptive (probably alliterative) adjective]

I love you [insert wanted number of so’s here] much

Something about the color of their eyes (because that’s original)

Something about their hair (probably about how it’s just so beautiful)

Something about how they make you feel (because nothing could ever match it...if you are disregarding chicken nuggets)

Something trite about how there is no one else like them (because of how if there is over 7 billion people on the planet there is just no way that anyone could ever be like them)

Something about how you just can’t imagine how you would live without them

Something about how you just can’t describe how much you love them

I love you (probably repeated so many times it has no value anymore)

Something about how will never leave their side (despite how fast you would walk out the door if they did something weird like decide they want to to get the record for the longest toe nails ever)

And probably something about just how much you love them (just for good measure)

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