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artists who inspire me

kara walker

Kara Walker's work is unbelievably important and effective. Her silhouettes blow me away with their intensity and complexity.

marina abramović

Marina Abramović demonstrates her own wonderful ability to create or perform art through the most beautiful pieces. Her pieces not only capture my attention thoroughly but increase my want to create change in this world through performance art. 

jenny saville

I find Jenny Saville's work extremely beautiful with the dynamic color in her highlights and shadows. She depicts the human body in a way that is both revealing and enlightening.

chella man

Chella Man's work incorporates vibrant colors with important messages. His use of line, shape, and form creates poignant images that are distinctly intricate and captivating.

vincent van gogh

Vincent van Gogh not only is unbelievably inspiring to me through the beauty of his artwork, but the beauty of him combatting his struggles. I feel that his art not only captures his mind, but his love for others.

frida kahlo

To me, Frida Kahlo is a wonderful artist to turn to when you cannot find your own identity or confidence as an individual. In particular, her piece "The Two Fridas" inspires me to be myself everyday.

janine antoni

I particularly enjoy Antoni's piece to compose from 2015, which is a resin expression of learned femininity. Her combinations of material and subject her work very interesting and eye-catching.

virgil ortiz

Virgil Ortiz has inspired me to wholeheartedly pursue art for the rest of my life. He was so kind to me when I talked to him and gave me such generous advice. 

kit king

Kit King is a fantastic artist who specializes in hyperrealistic art. She inspires me with the diversity of her portfolio and ability to make a painting or drawing breathe. 

yayoi kusama

Kusama's story reminds me of the breathtaking result of dedication and passion. Her motivations make me excited to pursue a career in art.

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